Why we should boykott Turkey!

Birileri de diyor ki, güya Türk… Ne Türk’ü be? Bunların kanlarının laboratuvar testinden geçmesi lazım. Onun kanının öyle olması, böyle olması bizi ilgilendirmiyor. / Ben o Türk’e Türk diyemem. Damarlarında Türk kanı dolaşan bir insan kalkıp da bu milleti soykırımla suçlayamaz.

Some people say that these are so-called Turk… What a bullshit! Their blood must pass a laboratory test. It is none of our business whether his blood is like that or that. / I can’t call this kind of Turk as Turk. A person with Turkish blood in his veins cannot accuse this nation of genocide.

Turkish dictator erDOGan

What we know about this Middle East country?

Turks are not Turks, and they are not actually Muslim. Being Turk and Muslim still just tool for them to dominate over Arabs and Christians.

Turkey is a racist country that still believe that being Turk is about blood relation. It doesn’t make a difference if they use words of ‘’ soy — soydaş ‘’.

The majority of non Turks is Kurds and Alevis, and they think that these are the servants of them as they do about Christians and Jews.

They are occupied of the north of Cyprus and now north of Syria. Their expansionist aims have reached to Libya to kill Libyans and to Armenia to occupy of the whole Armenia with Azerbaijanis.

The illegal works of government of Turks have come forward since the arresting of Reza Zarrab in USA. Their government needs money to occupy to the other countries with jihadi terrorists and for the support necessary for the government to continue.

The illegal businessman Sedat Peker who has worked with Turkish government, has exposed the reality of the government of Turks.

According to Mr. Peker descriptions Turkish government and some of member of the AKP + MHP has gained lots of money from drugs(cocaine) and arms trade. The center of the cocaine is Venezuela and Iran is the key figure of cocaine and port of Lazkiye is the door of this drug traffic, Turks have given cheap trade items such as food stuff to Venezuela in return of bringing gold of Venezuela. The Turkish Airlines has become the key figure of this transporting.

As we know Syria, Venezuela and Iran are the allies of Russia, Turkey has bought S-400 missile system from Russia, the Turkish invasion of Artsakh with jihadis who came from Syria was not prevented by Russia and this invasion given new opportunities to the Russians to find new ways in the meaning of trade.

The Russians didn’t stop to jihadis came from Caucasus to join to occupy to Syria. However, they are now known as, forced or not, the protector of the government of Syria in Syria.

The Russians even in this pandemic time come to Antalya to colonized. How many of them is involved with this illegal trade route is not obvious but it is known that some of them are going to occupied territory of Cyprus.

The occupied part of Cyprus has meaning of gambling and illegalization with converted churches and alleged shrines made after occupation to find basis of Turkish invasion. Therefore the Turkish dictator has visited and opened to Varosha to guarantee about illegal trade route.

Some of members of AKP who got rich with these illegal trade routes has been arrested because of using of cocaine.

The meaning of old heritage of occupied areas of Turks is whether or not be enough of tourism income, even in Turkey.

They have converted Hagia Sophia again to a mosque but they didn’t give up the tourist income.

The Turkish dictator and his partners are making mosques while they are involve of illegal drug and weapon trade, they given weapons to jihadi terrorists…

The areas of occupied by Turks in Syria are under control of jihadis. Turks are given weapons, military vehicles to them with 300$ salary to make them as their as mercenary. Turks have opened schools to make locals as their cheap mercenaries and exploited the sources of Syrians.

How many illegal things happened and Kurds and Arabs have been killed in this occupied area is not obvious.

There are two kind of citizen for Turkish government. One of them is AKP + MHP + Vatan supporting their drug lord whatever he does, and the second one is others. However, Turkish citizens are getting poorer day by day generally.

Mr. Peker is exposed that Turkish dictator and its gang are planning to attack to Alevis like occupying Syria with excuses.

The TIKA organization is cooperation with Turkish Muslim communities in Balkan and this organization is supplying weapons and finance to jihadist terrorists in Balkans and given opportunities to Azerbaijanis to occupy of the north of Iran.

The reason of this organization is helping with non Turkic countries such as Gabon, is about finding ways to exploit these countries against to West.

Their products can be very unhealthy for anyones not living out of Turkey.

Some of them are not using toilet paper and not washing their hands very well(taharet muslugu) for religious reasons and this ones can cook at restaurants.

The understanding of Turks about art is about nationalist propaganda or copying the good one. They think that they have right to copy whatever is popular without giving any royalty.

For example, they have published fumettis such as Il Grande Belk in Turkish but the pictures of Ottoman sultans were on the back cover of these, their copied music list can be seen on wikipedia(Türkçe aranjmanlar listesi), they have stolen of epic soundtracks to use their garbage movies and this piracy had been continuing on pc games, such as Erzurum.

Because Turks have not been took part of development of human civilization, their only hope is carrying of the darkness to their occupied areas. The short termed earnings are important for them. For example they even copied the bullshit trends of Youtube, to gain easy money.

The Turkish dictator and its gang not need of your money but however they need money to feed their supporters, including jihadi terrorists.





Turkish policy interest

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Stephen Frangopoulos

Stephen Frangopoulos

Turkish policy interest

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